Uuptick Redefines Stock Analysis For Value & Dividend Investing.

Starting today, take control of your investments.

"uuptick provides you no-nonsense tools which make your life as an investor easy."

➟ Are you Tired of searching for information for hours on end to analyze stocks?

➟ Don't you wish you could analyze stocks from one single convenient website?

➟ Do you think your investment decisions would improve if you had more time?

If you are anything like us, you answered yes to the above questions. And we get it, the current state of affairs is frustrating. Our Competitors made us the same promises they made you.

And even after having paid for their expensive stock analysis platforms, we would end up printing out annual reports, charting in excel, and spending hours shuffling between half a dozen tabs

We didn't want to do that. Neither do you, and now you don't have to.

"Imagine never building a chart in excel again"

How would you feel if we told you that you never have to build a chart in excel again? Or how about never scrolling through lengthy 10-Ks and 10-Qs searching for a particular footnote? What if we told you the days of having half a dozen tabs open for a single stock were over? How would that change your life as an investor? You could spend more time analyzing the fundamentals and make educated investment decisions.

Or you could spend more of your free time with your family. Maybe you want more time to workout or go out with friends, but your concerns for your financial situation have held you back. Whatever it is, today you have the opportunity to take control of your investments by using the right tools.

uuptick overflows with awesome stock analysis features:

⦿ Stock Screener On Steroids

⦿ Crystal Clear Company Summaries

⦿ CIA Like Watchlists

⦿ Authentic As Reported Financials

⦿ Sherlock Holmes Footnote Search

⦿ Cunning Comparables*

⦿ The Prettiest Price Charts In The Room

⦿ Pitch Perfect Portfolio Tracking*

⦿ No Nonesense News

⦿ V8 Motored Valuations*

* still in development

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, period.

We are confident you are going to love uuptick, and have set up everything to make sure you enjoy a first class experience. We have designed a product which is made for investors like you and us, who are busy and need something which is intuitive and which works. That being said, if you ever change your mind about using uuptick and want to revert to analyzing stocks like you previously did, unsubscribing will be as easy as 1,2,3. We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. But it gets better!. If you sign up for our monthly plan, you can cancel at any time by sending us an email. No questions asked, no spammy sales techniques, no calling on the phone. But there is more! Even if you sign up for a yearly contract, you can get out of it and get a monthly pro-rated refund at any point in time. And last but not least, we will go out of our way to make it up to you and make sure you are satisfied with your experience.

• 30 day money back guarantee

• Dead easy email cancellation

• Monthly pro-rated refunds

uuptick is in the last stages of development

98% Complete

By the end of 2017, uuptick will be live. In the meantime you should definitely sign up to our email list as we will be giving subscribers the opportunity to lock-in deep lifetime discounts (as much as 70% off) when we do release. It goes without saying we will never sell your data.

Get in touch with uuptick's founders

If you have any questions about our service don't hesitate to shoot us a quick message. Our contact info is provided below:

Robert Kovacs, CTO & CO-CEO

Rob is behind all of the tech that went into uuptick.
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Sam Kovacs, CMO & CO-CEO

Sam is in command of marketing and customer relations
Preferred Contact Method:

[email protected]